Stats of Interest

  • More than 708,400 students were enrolled in NAIS schools in 2016-17.
  • The median day-school tuition was $21,000 (meaning that half the schools charge more, and half charge less).
  • The median tuition at seven-day boarding schools was approximately $53,600, including room and board.
  • Approximately 22.2 percent of students at day schools received financial aid. Among students at boarding schools, 40.8 percent received financial aid.
  • The average grant to students at day schools who received financial aid was $13,223. The average grant to students receiving aid at boarding schools was $35,867.
  • Students of color made up 30.1 percent of total enrollment.
  • International students made up 5.1 percent of total enrollment.
  • Source: 2016-17 NAIS National Tables and 2016-17 Facts at a Glance.